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A new way to help your muscles recover faster after physical stress. In addition, helps you to relax and enhances your circulatory system.

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Professionnals use regularly the MRM with the help of physiotherapists. It acts like an efficient tool for enhancing the mental and the physical performances.


After the exercises, muscles need to recover by resting enough time. MRM will improve the efficiency of this phase and help to drain toxins and bring fresh blood to the muscles.

Sport and walking

In general, after a session of more intense than usual physical effort, muscles need attention, and micro muscle tears have to be repaired. MRM will help this process.

physically disabled

Being in a wheelchair creates circulatory difficulties particularly for the legs where the ankles become swollen. People in that condition enjoy the simple solution offered by MRM.


After some times, we may not be motivated (or able) to walk every day. This situation is not good for the health, that's where MRM can bring some muscles and circulatory stimulations.


We talk a lot about muscles, but the mental is also important. The movement provided by MRM has a decompression effect and we feel relaxed after already a few minutes of usage.

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Finally a simple way to improve your health

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Scientific studies using thermography show local heating of epidermal tissues.

stimulate and relax

Thermography 2021

Learn to use the MRM.

La fédération d’Andorre de volleyball a testé durant un été entier la machine de récupération musculaire imaginée par MRM Leg Arm Fit.

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Enchanté par cette expérience, il tient à souligner que c’est une machine créée par des gens qui comprennent comment fonctionne le corps humain

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Le test de la machine a eu lieu dans le cadre du neuvième symposium de médecine du sport.

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Michel Barras, qui souffrait de douleurs chroniques, s’est laissé séduire par la machine MRM Leg Arm fit. Découvrez son témoignage.

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Découvrez les retours d’expérience de différentes équipes du Center For Réhabilitation Services

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la machine pour la récupération musculaire
Nicolas Delaloye

A travers ses membres, le « Center for rehab services » basé aux USA a testé à plusieurs reprises la machine MRM-Fit tant dans un but de

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Model :

Jean-Claude Hirt

Jean-Claude Hirt

CEO (Sports Masseur)

Loïc Barben

Loïc Barben

Engineer EPFL

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